Biological Microscopes

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ATM Program Control Muffle Furnace

ATM Program Control Muffle Furnace

Applications: It's applicable tests as heat small steel in industrial and mining enterprise college, laboratory and so on. It does also can melt metal, crockery and so on. Features: 1) There is microcomputer contr Spectrophotometer


Features: 1) Grating as dispersive element 2) Digital Specifications: 1) Wavelength range: 330 - 1,000nm 2) Bandwidth: 6nm 3) Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm 4) Stray light: less than 0.3%T at 340 / 400nm 5) Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer

This flame photometer is a wholly new design instrument. Features: 1) Small dimensions, simple structure, easy operation and reliable 2) Adopted LCD, keyboard, and storage standard curve and with the function of Colorimeter


Features: 1) Advanced optical system 2) Stable test performance and reliable reading 3) Equipped with RS232 interface, can be connected to PC and printer and so on Specifications: 1) Wavelength range: 420 - 800 Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine

Specifications: 1) Max. capacity: 2,000kN 2) Accuracy: ±1% 3) Measuring range: 0 - 1,000kN and 0 - 2,000kN 4) Load speed regulated via two hand wheel and test result can be shown on the display and out Laboratory pH Meter

Laboratory pH Meter

Features: 1) 3 and 1/2 LED 2) With automatic or manual temperature compensation 3) Two point calibration Specifications: 1) Measuring range: pH: 0.00 - 14.00pH 2) MV: -1,999 ~ +1,999mV 3) Temperature: 0 Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Blood Coagulation Analyzer

Features: 1) Free choice for reagent 2) Double magnetic ball road working principle 3) Relative movement of magnetic ball will not be influenced by plasmas viscosity 4) No influence from hemolysis, chyle, jaundice, Marshell Stability Tester

Marshell Stability Tester

This instrument is suitable to the standard of T0709-2000, in the highway asphaltum and mixture of asphaltum testing rules. Specifications: 1) Speed of host computer: 50±5mm/minute 2) P-sensor: 0 - 50.00kN 3 Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

Features: 1) Water-proof structure, transparent cover design 2) AC / DC power supply 3) Low battery alarm Specifications: Payment Terms: L/C at sight, T/T in advance Electric Thermostatic Incubator

Electric Thermostatic Incubator

It is necessary apparatus for scientific researches, being applicable to storage of strains and culture of organisms in the fields of medical treatment, public health, pharmaceuticals, biology and agricultural science Profile Projectors

Profile Projectors

It can effectively test the various profiles, sections and surface shapes of complex work-pieces, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, gears, matrixes, threads, forming cutters, mercerizes, and cutters. It can be Laboratory Oven

Laboratory Oven

Applications: It is applicable to such test as drying cure melt, sterilize in industrial and mining enterprises as well as in laboratory and scientific research institute. Features: 1) Working chamber is made of h Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzer

1) Features: a) Equipped with 7 high-quality filter, damp-resistant, high heat-resistant, long-life, little shaking of the center wave, little change of passing rate, and high linear b) LCD in Engli Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Glassware

We supply various laboratory glassware, the main items are listed as follows: 1) Beaker, boiling flask, conical flask, volumetric flask, distilling flask, and retort flask, cylinder 2) Dropping bottle, reagent General Hospital Furniture

General Hospital Furniture

Features: 1) Examination bed, patient trolley-pure use, patient trolley-double use, standard hospital bed-it style, standard hospital bed-bar style, over bed table, stepstool- double, bed side locker 2) Ac Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture

Features: 1) Ward screen-four fold, doctor stool, single bowl stand, bowl stand-double, kick bucket, examination lamp, and mayo stand 2) According to customers' designs and under customers' logo 3) Materials: Dental and Orthopedic Instruments

Dental and Orthopedic Instruments

We supplied several categories of surgical instruments: 1) General surgical Instruments: scissors (surgical / dissecting / Mayo type etc.) forceps (dissecting / haemostatic / tissue), blade, and scalpel etc. 2) Otoscope


Usage: this scope is used for diagnosis and general surgery Features: 1) Consists of five metal aural specula of 3, 4, 5 and 6mm, and a metal nasal speculum of 8mm 2) At the rear part, a lamp bulb and a 2-t Latex Urethral Catheters

Latex Urethral Catheters

Directions: 1) Lubrication: lubricate the latex urethral catheter with medical lubricants before use. Wet the super lubricous catheter with sterile water before use and super lubricous can be achieved with X-Ray Protection Lead Aprons

X-Ray Protection Lead Aprons

Features: 1) Various kinds of X-ray protection products: lead caps, lead collars, intervenient radiation protective gloves, and lead aprons 2) Lead apron: double style, lead coat apron, and lead vest apron 3 Biological Microscopes

Biological Microscopes

Features: ATZ Series Payment Terms: L/C at sight, T/T in advance
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