USB digital microscope

USB digital microscope



USB digital microscope

bm2000D   CHINA
Posted Date: December 1, 2009

The BM2000D is a 3.0MP live resolution output
digital microscope with powerful optics.
This microscope offers users a built-in no hassle
professional digital microscope.With its high-reso-
lution live imaging chip permanently housed in the
siedentopf head, the BM2000D is an easy to use
professional tool that can be connected to a com-
puter for live image analysis.Simple plug & play
USB2.0 connections make is easy to attach the pre-
centered and parfocal digital head to either a suit-
able laptop or desktop computer.

1) Camera System
Inside Digital Camera System,3.0 M pixel CMOS Chip
2) Eyepiece WF10X/20
3) Objective
Infinity plan Objective 4X I 10X I 40X I 100X
4) Nosepiece
Quadruple revolving mechanism with multiple ball bearing.
5) Stage
Rectangular 188X150mm surface stage mounted on the main body.
Cross travel 78X54mm using low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob.
6) Focusing
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focus Adjustment
7) Condenser
Abbe condenser,NA1.25(aperture diaphragm with position guide marking for respective objectives).
12V-20W halogen lamp, lamp changeable by removing the Collector unit.Brightness Adjustable
9) Image Outputs
10) Software
Micrometrics BE/SE
DirectShow Source Filter

Optional Accessories
1) Camera System
5.0 M pixel CMOS Camera System
1.3M pixel CCD Camera System
2.0 M pixel CCD Camera System
Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
2) Condenser
Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
Dark Field Condenser(Dry)NA0.9
Dark Field Condenser(Oil)NA1.25-1.36
3) Phase Contrast Set
Infinite Plan-Achromatic PH10X, PH20X(S), PH40X(S), PH100X(S, Oil), Turret Annular, Phase
Contrast Condenser, Centering Telescope, Green Filter
4) Field Diaphragm Collector with Field Diaphra
5) Polarization Attachments Simple Polarization Set

Factory Add: No.11 Yangshan H-tech Zone, Siqiao, Pukou, Nanjing, China
Web: http://www.lab-microsco
Tel: 0086 132 608 586 60
Fax: 0086 025 686 840 63


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Contact Information

Address: Factory Add: No.11 Yangshan H-tech Zone, Siqiao, Pukou, Nanjing, China Sales Office: Room 605, Phenix Mansion, Jiangpu Street, Nanjing, (211800) China, NANJING, Jiangsu, China
Zip/Postal: 211800
Telephone: 86-25-5825813
Fax: 025-25-68684063

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